Blackjack Strategy

Many casinos still place a high value on blackjack due to its popularity with players of all skill levels and the engaging nature of the game.

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It’s important, however, to have the right approach to the game and know some reliable strategies to help you win, as your experience is invariably going to suffer otherwise.

And of course, like with any casino game, you’ll also need a good dose of luck on your side if you expect some consistent wins.

Familiarize Yourself With the Rules

This should be obvious but starting with the basic rules of the game is a must if you’re not that familiar with it yet. Even though dealers are going to guide you through the process step by step, you’ll want to have some first-hand experience with every rule in the book. Otherwise, things might not click properly while you’re playing your first few games and you’re going to run into trouble. Plus, depending on how you look at games of this type, you might get some additional insight into what to expect from the game simply by reading its rules.

Have a System

There are various systems out there that can produce different degrees of success depending on your own experience and playing style, such as the Paroli system. It’s a simple system that involves increasing your bet each time you win, and decreasing it when you lose, until you eventually reach the value of your initial bet.

Another popular one is the Parlay system. Many people like to look at it as a triangle, where the value of each subsequent bet is calculated by putting together the first one and the profit. The Martingale system, on the other hand, has players doubling their bets on each loss. A win results in a rest of the cycle with a new fresh bet.

Know Your Strategy

You don’t have to stick to a single system when playing blackjack. In fact, it’s advisable to switch things around and experiment with different strategies according to criteria like your balance, the casino, as well as your own mood. A simple example of a strategy is to double the last bet you placed when you have 10 or 11 points. This can result in an extra card, at the cost of standing.

If your score is relatively low – like 8 points or less – you can ask to be hit for an extra card, which is usually a helpful strategy in the long term.

As we said above, you’re going to need a good deal of luck more than anything else if you are hoping for consistent results in blackjack. Approaching the game with a good set of strategies in your hand and solid knowledge of how it works can still go a long way towards maximizing your overall chances though, and it’s advisable that you take the time to familiarize yourself with its deeper nuances before playing seriously. Other than that, the most important thing is of course to remember to have fun and enjoy yourself with every bet you place!