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Blackjack is one of the most popular games in the online casino world and is a relatively simple game that any player can enjoy, regardless of previous knowledge or skill set. Whilst there are certain rules to follow in different forms of blackjack, the game overall is easy to understand, making it a popular choice even for first-time gamblers.

Through studying blackjack, you can master it in an attempt to win big. This online blackjack guide will walk you through the game, the rules, and the best strategies to help you win big when you try your hand at the popular online slots.

Can I play Live dealer games at these casinos?

Yes you can, each of the casinos hosts a variety of popular live dealer games!

Live Roulette

Live Baccarat

Live Roulette

Live Baccarat


Strategies for Playing Blackjack in Canada

There are many strategies available but the most popular and easy strategy to use is one that is based on the dealer. When you can see the dealer’s card is high, the player should continue to take cards until they hit 17 or over. The strategy behind this is to avoid risking going bust and instead of trying to beat the dealer by letting them go bust instead.

Another popular strategy you may want to use is called blackjack pair splitting. If you have been dealt two cards which are of the same value, you can then decide to play with these, or split these cards into two hands that can be played at the table. This means getting two cards of the same value can be extremely lucky, or very detrimental.

An example of this is if you hit two 10’s which is a strong hand that will be hard to beat. If the player has been dealt with two 2’s, this may be of little to no use and the player can then decide to try his luck by splitting these hands. To split, you must bet an equal bet to your previous on the table. You must place this bet beside the original bet, not on top. You also have to play out the original hand you were dealt before going onto your split hand.

Some online blackjack games in Canada play with side bets. This is an additional way of betting chips and can only be wagered at the beginning of each game when the original main bets have been placed. A side bet can be placed on your hand, plus the hands of other players. These side bets are often used for insurance, or for those perfect pairs. Using side bets can be tough so it is worth staying clear of them if you can. This is because they usually have a larger house edge when comparing them to the game, meaning often they are not worth it.

When looking for an online casino to play, look for how much they pay out. Most blackjack tables are paid at 3 to 2 when the player hits blackjack. If the table pays out at 6 to 5, this makes the house edge just 1.39%, making it a bad play. Avoid these tables and play at an online casino that provides good pay outs, meaning you have more chance at winning big. You can play online blackjack in Canada’s leading casinos today.

Can Canadian citizens play for real money?

Yes, of course, its perfectly legal.

Do your casinos offer live dealers?

Yes, all our casinos offer live dealers

Are there deposit bonuses?

Yes all our recommended casinos offer deposit bonuses.