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In honouring a tradition of excellence, Captain Cooks Casino carries his name as a symbol of distinction with plenty of fun games for everyone to enjoy!

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As far as 18th century explorers go, Captain James Cook was among the finest to have ever sailed the seas. Responsible for the creation of the world’s first reliable and factual map of the Pacific, Captain Cook’s legacy inspired and guided explorers long after his death.

Few mariners can compete with the sheer amount of knowledge and information Captain Cook contributed to mankind.


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What You Need to Know

Captain Cooks Casino is a reputable online casino that has been serving customers and making big pay outs since 1999. As a member of the Interactive Gaming Council, Captain Cooks prides itself on providing a completely safe and regulated gaming experience.

Though Captain Cooks Casino strives to deliver stress and worry-free gaming, experienced service and support staff are available any time to assist if a problem does arise. Enjoy cash-back on bids, weekly promotions, jackpot lotteries and VIP access by signing up with the Casino Rewards program offered at Captain Cooks.

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